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    At Artelexia, we LOVE Bringing Mexico to You, and we also find great joy
    in giving back to the community—in our hometown or wherever our travels take us.

    Donating to Fundación En Via 

    When traveling on our Eat.Drink.Cook.Mexico. tours, or when going on shopping excursions throughout the small towns of Mexico, one of our favorite parts is meeting the people behind all the goodies you find in our shop. Through the years, we’ve come to know many of these families, their children and grandparents, and have created a bond that keeps us coming back. As a result, we felt the yearning to give back to these families that have given us so much.

    One of the many ways that we give back is through a non-profit in Oaxaca called Fundación En Via, we help provide no-interest loans and education to female entrepreneurs of the Oaxaca valley region. With every purchase you make in our shop, online or brick-and-mortar, you, too, are a part of this giving back. A percentage of every sale is donated to Fundación En Via to assist in the education of one of many women who, through their creative talents, build a business to sustain their families.



    ¿Quieres Ayudar?

    You, too, can make a difference!

    Learn more about some of the women we’ve met along the way and the efforts Fundación En Via puts in place to support them on this entrepreneurial journey.

    Read our Oaxaca Fundación En Via Blog Post

    And join our email list below to be the first to know of upcoming fundraising events.

    We know you'll fall in love with these women, just as we did!