Photo of our physical gift cards. Design features the Artelexia logo and multicolor brand icons exclusively used by Artelexia

Even our gift cards are cute!

Give the gift of Mexico! Let your friend, family member, or loved one pick whatever suits them from our wide selection of vibrant art, home décor, food, and accessories. Online gift cards are available for online use only. Physical in-store gift cards may only be used in person at our North Park location.

Gift card with Artelexia store name, website, and logos.

In-Store Gift Cards

These can only be used at our retail location in San Diego, CA. Not to be used online. See our Online Gift Cards if you are sending to someone who will be shopping online. 

Gift card recipients will receive a very cute package with their gift card, postcards, stickers, confetti, and more!! 



Online Gift Cards

Our online gift cards are only good for our ONLINE shop. Also available are our In-Store Gift Cards if you would like to shop at our retail location.
Gift card with Artelexia store name, website, and logos.