Goodie Bags


    Need help thinking up a gift idea? We make gift giving simple at Artelexia: you tell us a little about the recipient, pick a theme — Selena, Frida, Luchador, Virgen (to name a few), or a Variety — and we curate it to perfection. All goodie bags are packaged in a cute and colorful woven mercado bag and include a handful of traditional Mexican candy. They are wrapped à la Artelexia, with vibrant tissue paper, ribbon, stickers, and a dash of confetti so that your loved one receives a party in a box for any gift-giving occasion.


     Here's How It Works! 

    Artelexia Goodie Bag Purchasing Process


    Note: Each package will receive more product than expected. An assortment of stickers, postcards, and surprise goodies are included based on availability and can't be requested.