Word of the Year Lettering Workshop

Word of the Year Lettering Workshop


This year we promised to bring you more. More than a pretty picture—even though we LOVE those pretty pictures and we’ll keep sharing those as inspiration, too—more than a ‘BUY THIS’ blog post, and simply just more of what you’ve asked us for.

We started off the year with a fun workshop that included: lettering, painting, wine, and dreaming, all to end up with a colorful art piece that would inspire you every time you saw it. 


Word of the Year Workshop & Wine Wednesday at Artelexia as taught by Lizelly Meza


It was the Word of the Year, Creating Artwork for Inspiration with Basics of Lettering taught by our very own Lizelly Meza, and with a full house of enthusiastic ladies—and a dude, too! —we know it was the perfect way to get this year going on a great note to make it the best yet.

Here is an overview of what we learned and the fun that was had. Just check out the colorful art everyone created and their happy faces!

Stay tuned ‘til the end for a few pointers Lizelly shared, and a chance to get your very own workbook, like the one we used, to guide you in coming up with your Word of the Year for inspiration … plus a few Basics of Lettering tips, too.


Word of the Year Workshop & Wine Wednesday at Artelexia as taught by Lizelly Meza


3 Tips to Find Your Word of the Year 

What Do You Want to Accomplish?

Think about WHAT you want to accomplish in your life, this year, or this month—or this week, to make it easier. Focus on what is important to you, and on a piece of paper, jot down a single word or simple phrases. 

How Do You Feel?

Now go over each word or phrase from above and notice how WHAT you want to accomplish makes you FEEL. Write down what you FEEL when thinking about those WHATs above. 

What Is Your Most Important WHAT?

What is the feeling behind your most important WHAT from above? This is your Word.


Word of the Year Workshop & Wine Wednesday at Artelexia as taught by Lizelly Meza


Now, you may think, ‘what does all of this have to do with learning about Mexico and sharing all the vibrancy my culture has to offer?’. Well, at Artelexia we believe in always being proud of our heritage, and that includes always striving to become better humans. 

This workshop, aside from fun and giving us the opportunity to spend time with friends—sipping WINE! —was a great starting point to slightly dig a little deeper into who we are and what we want. It was a great way to get the juices flowing to come up with creative ideas for more workshops, more blog posts, and more gifts you like to see in the shop.


Word of the Year Workshop & Wine Wednesday at Artelexia as taught by Lizelly Meza


So, we hope you enjoyed this introduction into finding your Word of the Year. If you want to go deeper, make sure to visit Lizelly’s website where she’ll share the full guide to brainstorming words, art, and the basics of lettering for you to create your own inspiring art piece like we did. 

And stay tuned for more fun workshops like this. More painting, more lettering, more creating, because we know it’s the best way to gather with friends and maybe even make a few new ones, too. 

But tell us, what more do you want to see us share and create for you? Please, share in the comments below. And if you’d like, tell us what Word will guide you this year!

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