Top 10 Must-Have Frida Kahlo Gifts

Top 10 Must-Have Frida Kahlo Gifts


Many have asked, and I simply can’t decide on a single word to describe why we love Frida Kahlo so much. She was a champion in following her own path and in pursuing her art with abandon despite the troubled-road life put her on. She was her own woman, always celebrating life with those she loved, and as passionate about entertaining as I am.

As I learned from Guadalupe Rivera Marin, Diego Rivera’s daughter, in this Pati Jinich interview for The Washington Post, “… Kahlo may have orchestrated the meals and gatherings with artistic brilliance, … [she] was a wonderful host: She loved setting up the house and adorning and decorating everything.” Sounds like Frida and I would have been a great hosting duo!


“Frida set beautiful Mexican tables with gorgeous tablecloths
and tableware ...”, says Marin.


So that may be it! Surrounded by Frida-everything in the shop, we feel the essence of her artistic eye, and I can’t help envision the perfect dinner party or fiesta with those Frida-inspired touches I know she would have used herself.

As we celebrate what would have been this magnificent woman’s 111th birthday, I’ve gathered the Top 10 Must-Have Frida Kahlo Gifts to get you in the spirit of this celebration. And who knows, maybe you’ll be inspired to host your own fiesta with those Frida Kahlo touches, too.


Top 10 Must-Have Frida Kahlo Gifts


Top 10 Must-Have Frida Kahlo Gifts at Artelexia North Park San Diego Mexico Store


2 – Frida Kahlo Fuchila Air Freshener


3 – Frida Kahlo Assorted Card Set




5 – Feliz Cumpleaños Frida Kahlo Card




7 – Bravery Magazine: Frida Kahlo


8 – FRIDA KAHLO Sleep Mask




10 – FRIDA: The Story of Her Life**

**This book NOT included in giveaway


UPDATE: GIVEAWAY HAS CLOSED—Do you want to get your hands on all the goodies pictured here? Head over to our Instagram to see exactly what you need to do to win this Frida Kahlo loot!

What do you love most about Frida Kahlo? Share with us in the comments below.


  • Rosalie Barajas

    Frida, an inspiration, beautiful, strong woman
    Who in that time was very hard for a woman to do
    Be an individual , speak her mind, Latina…
    How I would have loved to have met her, she is
    showing all Latina women that we are beautiful,
    & we can be & do what we are inspired to be😍

  • Jodi

    Do you have to be on Instagram to enter this contest? I dont have an Instagram account & I don’t want one. Nowadays you have to download apps all the time. I really prefer not to share all my info with everyone. Hope there’s a way to enter alternately because I’m a huge Frida fan!!

  • Rosalie

    An Amazing Giveaway!!😍 lots of luck to all who enter this giveaway & thank you Artelexia for sharing all the Amazing gifts! I LOVE Frida!!😍 She was an awesome woman with her own beliefs….she was her own woman👍🏽

  • debra

    Her tenacity & bravery in the face of pain & disability. To still find beauty & love in her world & to share the expression of those things with the world.

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