This Is Artelexia

This Is Artelexia


Hi, I’m Elexia, a creative entrepreneur with a love for gatherings, travel, and design, dedicated to sharing the vibrant traditions of my Mexico with you.



A road trip I took from New York back home to San Diego opened my eyes to the colorful gift shops of the Southwestern roads. It was while stopping into these curio shops that I was reminded of the festive nature and rich traditions my culture had, and it was then that the idea for Artelexia was born.



Family gatherings, dinner parties with friends, meals and cocktails with the many lovely people I get to share magical trips to Oaxaca and San Miguel de Allende with all keep my heart full and nourish the desire I have to bring those bits of Mexico to you.



My intention for Artelexia is to share the traditions from one of the most festive and colorful cultures of the world, through community events, creative workshops, fundraising, and nurturing up-and-coming artists and designers.



Over the past 9 years, Artelexia has seen a great growth of people who believe in this purpose. Because of it, I want to continue to develop these ideas—diy’s and craft how-to’s, recipe demos and cocktail inspirations, travel tips and shop recommendations—and bring them all to whatever part of the world you may be in.



So, keep coming back because we have so much planned for the year ahead! Through this I feed my soul and am inspired to keep creating and sharing every bit of it with you.

Want to learn more? Read more about my creative path to Artelexia here and what inspired Artelexia here.

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