Picnics & Parties!

Picnics & Parties!

It’s March! And it’s almost that time of the year when we break out of our winter bubble and start socializing at gatherings of all sorts. At Artelexia, we love a good picnic and party, and we want to make sure you’re fully stocked with these Mexican party supplies and must-haves!

San Diego beaches and parks make for ideal picnic spots; their waterfront views, scenery, well-kept landscape are the perfect backdrop to a family outing or day in the sun with friends. And if you’re all about having a picture-perfect setting, we have some items that are both eye-catching and practical, starting with the authentic Mexican serape blanket. These blankets are colorful, versatile, stylish, and big enough to accommodate everyone and your picnic spread. They’ll fit nicely in one of these fun totes you can also use to carry your snacks.

Speaking of snacks, we have some delicious and refreshing treats that will pair well with all your traditional picnic foods. Give your charcuterie board a Mexican edge with our collection of jams and marmalades from The Casa Market in guava, hibiscus, and quince flavors. Add some spice to the mix with Chuza’s dried fruit: spicy mango, pineapple and cranberry. Swap your traditional almonds and trail mix with our assortment of Q’s Nuts in Cayenne Mango and Mexican Chocolate. And if you really want to impress your picnic guests, be your own paletero and pack your own paletas with the help of this authentic recipe book! Check out more snack ideas here.

Our party supplies will also bring the essence of the Mexican fiesta to your upcoming celebration! Decorate with our mini piñatas, other piñata-themed items and fiesta fringe garland. Bring the party to life with these fiesta sparklettes which also make for great party favors. Stir up the aguas frescas with these piñata and winged heart stir sticks. And serve your guests with these paper plates, napkins, and cups — you pick the theme: Otomi, Frida, calavera, papel picado, or simply floral.

Finally, our Guanajuato handwoven napkins make for a beautiful and reusable option for both your picnic and party guests!


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