Colorful Party Hat DIY Tutorial

Colorful Party Hat DIY Tutorial


Celebrate any festive event with this easy Party Hat DIY How-to. You can make these colorful birthday hats with easy-to-find craft materials you have around the house. A fun craft for the entire family!


Birthday Party Hat Tutorial with Template by Artelexia


Birthday Party Hat DIY How-to

Materials Needed:  

  • Heavy paper – poster board or cereal boxes work great
  • Tissue paper or party streamers of many colors
  • Party hat template – click to download below
  • Ready-made pom pom or paper flowers
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • String
  • Pencil
  • Hole Punch
  • Stapler



  1. Print and cut the party hat template (click to download below)
  2. Shape the hat into a cone, and staple the seam to seal
  3. Take the paper streamers and make fringe, cutting slits halfway up the width of the paper strips
  4. Add glue to the uncut side of the fringe and start placing it on the party hat shape, from BOTTOM TO TOP
  5. Make sure to place the next fringe piece slightly above the previous piece to begin to form layers of fringe (as you see in the picture above)
  6. Continue alternating with different colored fringe, going all around the party hat shape, until you reach the top of the party hat
  7. Decorate your party hat with paper flowers or other colorful objects you have available, by glueing them on the top point of the party hat
  8. Using the hole punch, make two holes on the bottom edge of the party hat, one across from the other
  9. Insert the ribbon through the holes and tie to hold in place


    We've created an easy to download template which you can click and print. Just click on the image blow, save the image to your computer or phone, and print at 100%. Cut the template and use it to trace on your cardstock.

    Birthday Party Hat Tutorial with Template by Artelexia


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    What will you be celebrating with these diy party hats? Share with us in the comments below.


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