National Hot Sauce Day!

National Hot Sauce Day!

It’s National Hot Sauce Day! And while we love our Valentina and Tapatio, sometimes a homemade salsa is the perfect — and only — condiment that will do our our homier dishes justice. We get it, not everyone has time to stone-grind chiles to make the age-old family recipe. So today we celebrate México’s love for hot sauce by showcasing how these products bring you their unique homemade sazón, straight from the molcajete to your plate.

Artelexia Salsa

Artelexia’s favorite hot sauces and salsas incorporate the classic flavors and ingredients characteristic of Mexican cuisine, while putting a fun spin on traditional recipes. They highlight the intensity of the roasted chile de árbol, the kick of the habanero, and the bittersweet boldness of tamarindo to deliver the perfect kick in a bottle.

For those who enjoy their hot sauces from a thin to medium consistency (think Cholula), we recommend Don Wapo and Vera Mexicana. Don Wapo, which is vegan and gluten-free, experiments with the famed habanero, ghost pepper, chile guajillo, chile de árbol, and tomatillos to bring you some of their bestsellers: the Salsa de Ajo Callejera and La Primera: Roasted Chile de Arbol & Garlic. Vera Mexicana mainly uses habanero, chile de árbol and chipotle peppers, but their results are no less complex: the rich and smoky Oaxacan Chipotle Sauce is one of their best blends.

There’s more! If you’re looking for more texture and want to enhance your grilled meats and carne asada (or anything, really), Sabor a Baja and Kuali Salsa is where it’s at. What we love about these two is that you get to taste the raw flavor profile of the whole ingredients they use, such as nuts and a variety of dry, roasted peppers and their seeds. Our personal favorites from Sabor a Baja are La Adelita, also known as la salsa borracha for its use of tequila and mezcal, and La Frida, which combines mole negro and chapulines. Last but not least, Kuali’s Salsa Macha Clásica is a must if you want to add some serious heat to your dish in the form of a bright red chile oil mixed with sesame seeds and pepitas.

Add any of these to your breakfast burrito, your huevos rancheros, grilled meats, or tacos for a boost of 🔥 and flavor. Because who has time for basic meals?!

Sabor A Baja Salsa Artelexia

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