Mexican Easter Eggs—Artelexia-style

Mexican Easter Eggs—Artelexia-style


We just had our yearly Easter Egg Decorating Workshop, and, as usual, it was a full house. We know you love it, so we’ll keep on bringing it to you! But, how are Easter eggs Mexican, you ask? Here’s a brief back-story.




At Artelexia we like putting a Mexican spin on many fun crafts and activities, but Easter eggs actually have a sort of history during Semana Santa events in Latin-America. While decorating hard-boiled eggs may not be the norm in most regions of Mexico, being in such proximity to the USA adds a different twist to many of our traditions.

In Mexico, during the Lenten celebrations of the Catholic religion, eggs are hollowed-out, washed, then painted and filled with confetti to use as favors during festivities before the start of Lent. These colorful eggs are called cascarones.


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These eggs are colored and decorated to add to the festive nature of the season to come and children play and break them atop an unsuspecting victim’s head, thought to bring good luck to said person. A tradition that was brought over to Mexico from the Spaniards—believed to come via China, but filled with perfumed powder, then—it’s a fun game that still exists as a reminder of the resurrection of Christ in the Christian faith.




So, while our eggs may not be filled with confetti, we still like decorating with all the craft supplies we can find. From markers, to paints, to glitter … we use it all to add to the color of the Easter celebration.


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