It’s National Margarita Day!

It’s National Margarita Day!

And because it falls on a weekday, we hereby approve of observing it on any day this week that you might need a pick-me-up 😉

This simple yet versatile cocktail has been the guest of honor at your favorite Mexican restaurants, beach resorts, and girls’ nights out for nearly a century. That is, if the stories about its origin are any accurate. Did you know that the Margarita is the subject of many a folk tale about how it got its name? Some say it’s named after a flower, others that it takes the name of a woman. One of the top contenders in the debate holds that it was created for Marjorie King, a regular at Carlos Herrera’s Rancho La Gloria Hotel just across the border in Tijuana. But there’s also a Margaret (and a Margarita!) staking a claim to it. It’s all hearsay and an attempt to mystify the origins of a drink that otherwise stirs up little controversy and is quite...agreeable!

But what has really popularized it across the globe isn’t its name, nor is it its three elemental (and rather simple) ingredients: Tequila, Cointreau and lime juice. It’s the flavors, variations and add-ons that jazz it up. From classic lime to mango and jalapeño grapefruit, you can now sip on an eclectic range of fruit-based recipes rimmed with salt, sugar (or Tajin), and even with a Coronita turned upside down into your glass.

So, how will you pay tribute to this classic mixed drink?

You might go to your local bar or restaurant, or even try making it at home (for inspiration, check out our video). But as always, there is more than one way to celebrate, and at Artelexia we have something for you too. You can find margarita-themed gifts and accessories that capture the vibe and uplifting essence of this cherished cocktail: from stickers to tea towels, napkins, enamel keychains, and greeting cards for your fellow margarita-loving friends. Because Margaritas are one of our love languages, too. 🍸

Watch our Margarita video and grab my go-to recipe!



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