Let's Set Some Goals // Workshop

Let's Set Some Goals // Workshop

This class may be one of my all-time favorites. I am a HUGE fan of vision boards. Have you ever made one? They are AWESOME. New Year's resolutions are not my jam. And to be honest, I'm so beat after the holiday season that I really just want to enjoy my January and not have to think about anything.

What's a vision board? A poster (or anything, really) covered in images and words that resonate with my goals for the year. Every year, doesn't matter the time of year, I make time to sit down and work on my vision board. I think about what I want and how I plan to get there. Then I put it out to the universe. And just like that, things start to happen - dots begin to connect, the stars align, opportunities are knocking at my door, and my life begins to shift. Is it magic? Is it coincidence? Is it my subconscious? Who knows, but it works for me. That is all that matters.

WORKSHOP INFO // March 26th // 4-7pm // 21 and over

LOCALS: Join us in store for an evening of crafting, talking about life, setting goals and putting it out to the universe. Everyone (21 and over) is welcome to being their own snacks and drinks to enjoy while we craft at our new location in North Park. 

NOT LOCAL?!: No worries!! We will mail you out a special craft pack full of the supplies that you will need to create right along with us.  You'll be able to follow along as we stream the class LIVE. Yes!! For the first time everwe will host one of our workshops online.

Get your tickets or craft packages here. 

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