Celebrating amazing small businesses & their creations!

Celebrating amazing small businesses & their creations!


Featuring Latino, Latina and Latinx-owned small businesses is something that we at Artelexia pride ourselves in doing. Supporting marginalized groups such as the LGBQT+ community is also very important to us, and we continue to educate ourselves on ways we can be a better ally.

From books to stickers to patches, we are proud to not only carry LGBQT+ friendly products, but also support Latino, Latina and Latinx Queer-owned small business! Follow along as we share some of these amazing vendors and their creations.



Jen Zeano Designs

First, we have Jen Zeano Designs. Jen and Vero are the powerhouse couple behind this amazing lifestyle brand! We love how Jen Zeano Designs champions for knowing your power all while celebrating your culture. From their t-shirts to their stationery, each one containing empowering messages that remind you that you are PODEROSA!



Mike Alfaro & Millenial Loteria

Second is the hilarious and fun Millennial Loteria! Created by the genius Mike Alfaro, Millennial Loteria challenges the outdated Mexican stereotypes that were represented in the traditional Mexican Loteria game. With cards like El Hipster, La Selfie and El DJ, Millennial Loteria instead represents and reflects today’s generation of Latine/Latinx and Hispanics and their daily lives! Everyone from your close amigas to your abuela will find themselves laughing with lagrimas when playing Millennial Loteria!



The Found

Next is the maker of some of our most popular items… our pins! The Found is co-owned by James York & Albert Tanquero, along with their team of designers and artists. Their fun, bold, and colorful pins, along with their stickers, mugs and so much more, give you the ability to express yourself and your values in so many ways. We love nothing more than for you to live your VIDA to your true authentic self!



Tamalitoz by Sugarox

Lastly, we have the duo behind Tamalitoz by Sugarox. The husband and husband team of Jack and Dec were inspired to create this mouthwatering candy with the sweet, spicy, and tangy flavors of Mexican candy in mind. With amazing flavors such as Tantalizing Tamarind to Cucumber Extravaganza, these candies and margarita rims allow you to enjoy the taste of traditional Mexican candy but with a fun twist!

We hope you join us in continued support of Latino, Latina and Latinx Queer-owned small businesses this Pride Month and beyond.

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