Let's Celebrate Our Amigas!!

Let's Celebrate Our Amigas!!

In 2010, Parks and Rec brought us Galentine’s Day, a spin on the February tradition that puts a primacy on female friendships. But México has been honoring gal (and guy) pals long before this show, and the importance of friendship is implicit in the holiday’s name in Spanish: Día del Amor y la Amistad (Day of Love and Friendship). We have a lot to share about Mexico’s unique Valentine’s Day romantic traditions, but since love will get the spotlight in the coming weeks, we wanted to give amistad a chance to shine!

Male or female, friends are the family we choose, and in many cases they have been around even longer than our romantic relationships. They’ve been with us through everything, from the awkward teenage years to countless life transitions — in our career, in our personal lives, and even in love. Friendships deserve to partake in all the pomp and circumstance of the holiday, and Galentine’s Day makes for the perfect prelude.

And while we honor these bonds in all their configurations, there is one that we’re particularly fond of: the friendship between comadres. In many Latin American countries, the comadre represents the epitome of a female friendship. While the term itself means godmother, it has grown to become a term of endearment for close amigas. Your neighbor, childhood friend, jefa, or coworker, these connections are charged with as much a sense of camaraderie as they are a shared experience of being a mujer.

And it just so happens that many of our comadres moonlight as chingonas. Whatever their superpower may be, their presence and place in your life deserves to be celebrated. This year, Artelexia’s Galentine’s Day products are the perfect expression of love and appreciation for your closest gals and pals:

Remind your amiga to treat herself with Loquita’s bath and body whipped soap (pick her favorite scent: Mazapan, Churro, Horchata). Throw in a Cielito nail polish in her favorite shade so she continues to shine on!

If your friendship thrives on celebrating women together, our bestseller, Free the Tipple: Kickass Cocktails Inspired by Iconic Women is the perfect way to show her she’s as inspiring as the icons featured. And if she prefers coffee, these mugs will make her feel just as special.

Craft the perfect message to them on any one of our Valentine’s Day cards, and complete your gift with a bright pencil that reminds her she’s quite literally magic and the best comadre ever.

We’ve curated a Galentine’s Day playlist that’ll make for a fun soundtrack to however you choose to celebrate. Share and enjoy la Trevi’s unapologetic revi, Natalia Lafourcade paying homage to the lyrical genius Agustín Lara, and others that celebrate life. Listen here. 

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