Bunny & Easter Egg Piñata DIY Craft How-to

Bunny & Easter Egg Piñata DIY Craft How-to


Here's a fun and simple Easter Piñata How-to you can do with easy-to-find craft materials you have around the house. With Easter just around the corner, this is a great activity to do with the whole family.


Rabbit, Easter Egg, Chicky Piñata Craft How-to by Artelexia


Tissue Paper Easter Piñata Crafting How-to

Materials Needed:  

  • Cardboard to make your two matching shapes – cereal boxes or Amazon boxes work great
  • 2-3 cardboard strips
  • Fringe – any kind of paper works; tissue paper, party streamers of many colors, newspaper, magazines
  • Glue
  • Tape
  • Scissors


    DIY How-to Easter Piñata Tutorial Materials by Artelexia



    Preparing your piñata shape  

    1. Draw your Easter Egg, Chicky or Bunny shape onto the cardboard and cut out. You'll need two, a front and a back
    2. Prepare your tape: cut 2" strips of masking tape and have them handy for easy access
    3. Take your cardboard strips and roll them up to make them pliable
    4. Take your cut cardboard shapes and place some tape strips all around both pieces
    5. Take your cardboard strips and place around the first cardboard shape using the tape already adhered
    6. Take the second cardboard shape and place over cardboard strip that's already taped to the first shape
    7. Make sure to leave an opening in the cardboard strip that is not taped so you can stuff in your piñata goodies

      Decorating your piñata 

      1. Take the paper strips to decorate your piñata and make fringe, cutting slits halfway up the width of the paper strips
      2. Add glue to the uncut side of the fringe and start placing it on the piñata shape, from BOTTOM TO TOP
      3. Make sure to place the next fringe piece slightly above the previous piece to begin to form layers of fringe (as you see in the picture above)
      4. Continue alternating with different colored fringe, until you reach the top of the piñata
      5. Decorate your piñatas with paper flowers or other colorful objects you have available


      Check out this Piñata Tutorial on our IGTV for a visual of the process.

      Tag and share your pictures with us on Instagram @Artelexia so we can be inspired by your creativity.

      What are you filling these colorful Easter Piñatas with? Share with us in the comments below.


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