Bittersweet Downsizing

Bittersweet Downsizing

Hi Folks! I have some sad and happy news to share with you all. After 7 years of being in Little Italy we have decided to close the Casa Artelexia location and only keep Artelexia, our NEW North Park location. On the upside we have lots of product that needs to go, meaning that we will be having clearance sales every weekend until our closing date this June. Everything is being sold - the 25' tall custom tree, furniture, fixtures and product. Our current Little Italy hours are: Sat. 11-6pm & Sun. 11-4pm.

I will definitely miss seeing our original shop across the street (the casita that started it all). I'll miss our craft room and event space where we hosted some unforgettable parties, art shows, workshops and even weddings. It was truly a magical space full of color, culture and love. So many beautiful memories and friendships were made here. All of you are what made (and continue to make) Casa Artelexia so special. It's not about the product or the space but the community that grew from it - the friendships and the connections made. I thank you for being a part of the original Casa Artelexia and look forward to the magic we will make in the next five years at our new location. Thank you for helping build something that I am so proud of. I am forever grateful for the never ending love and support. 💖💖💖

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