Artelexia's Monthly You Are Radiant Community Recognition Award

Artelexia's Monthly You Are Radiant Community Recognition Award


Artelexia’s monthly You Are Radiant Community Recognition Award is a community-led celebration of those who volunteer their time and talents to create a positive impact in our Latinx community.  

Now, more than ever, we are thankful for the many loving people who are giving their time to save lives and maintain essential services during the difficult time the world is experiencing.


Artelexia's Monthly You Are Radiant Community Recognition Award


You, as our supporters, are also giving of yourself in helping keep our doors "open" during these uncertain times. That's why our inaugural You Are Radiant Award goes to EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU who has sent a message of encouragement, made a purchase on our site to gift to those you love, or simply sent all the heart emojis our way as we continue to do our best to brighten your day.

In the months moving forward we would love to celebrate that special someone you feel deserves to be recognized. If you know someone who you believe is a perfect nominee for our monthly recognition award, please fill out the nomination form here:

Artelexia's Monthly You Are Radiant Award nomination form

Each month, we will pick one of these generous individuals from your submissions and feature them in our newsletter and blog. They will also receive a gift basket of our favorite Artelexia goodies as a small thank you for their valuable contributions.

We're excited to meet all the people who make a difference in our community. Tag and share their pictures with us on Instagram @Artelexia so we can learn their stories and celebrate them as well.

Who is someone you feel deserves to be celebrated? Share with us in the comments below**.


**Comment entries below are not eligible for the You Are Radiant Award. An online form nomination must be submitted via the link above.


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  • Yareiry Alba

    My tia Gabby is the most selfless person ever! She has been an assistant teacher at the same Saddleback High School’s special education classroom for over 20 years. That alone, makes her an incredible human being. But what makes her extra special is how she becomes family with every single student-she makes her students feel so empowered and special. She makes sure the rest of the school, including the cheerleaders and jocks get involved with her students and it ends up being something so beautiful. Seeing the most popular students make friendships with her students. In her 20 years, she has also helped a student win Prom King, he being the first ever special education student to win this award.
    When Covid-19 began, my father suffered a stroke and I was busy in the hopital and had been worried about when i was going to find time to go grocery shopping for my little family (my husband, and 1 year old son). By the time, I arrived from the hospital one night-my husband told me Tia Gaby had come by and fully stocked our fridge, freezer and pantry. My eyes immediately filled with tears of gratitide because i had prayed the night before for God to allow me time to go grocery shopping. Gaby goes above and beyond to anyone in her life, you dont even have to be family because she makes you family.

  • ROsalie BArajas

    You are the BEST!! Excelente! I love everything you bring from Mexico, love your trips, the food, you make me remember all the beautiful colors, aromas, talent & the greatness of Mexico Lindo y Querido!
    My hubby is from Jalisco & when we went as newlyweds, I fell in Love with its beauty♥️
    Keep doing what you’re doing, many Blessings to you always.

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