Artelexia's Monthly You Are Radiant Award Celebrating Artist Cynthia Huerta

Artelexia's Monthly You Are Radiant Award Celebrating Artist Cynthia Huerta


Artelexia’s monthly You Are Radiant Community Recognition Award is a community-led celebration of those who volunteer their time and talents to create a positive impact in our Latinx community. Nominate someone here: You Are Radiant Award Nomination Form



For the month of May, who better to recognize than someone who brings people together through art, empowers youth and women in our community to be creative, and inspires us all to find ways we can be of service right now. Join us in celebrating artist Cynthia Huerta.


Artelexia's You Are Radiant Award Celebrating Artist Cynthia Huerta in May


Artelexia's You Are Radiant Award celebrates Artist Cynthia Huerta

Cynthia is a mixed-media Mexican-American artist, Co-Founder + Art Curator of Inland Mujeres.

As an artist, she has dedicated her time and creativity, without fail, holding virtual art lessons every weekday via her Instagram. With focus on traditions of the Latinx community, she encourages those who participate to share their pieces during the live sessions, empowering all to show up as the creatives that we are.

Cynthia is a kind and selfless spirit who is making a difference in our community and is inspiring us all to be of service in any way we can. As an elementary school aid at a local Riverside school, she and her family put their funds together and helped provide food and supplies for one of her students in need during these times.

Thank you Cynthia, for never giving up! For being dedicated to the people in this community, and inspiring us all to do better and be better, even if it’s in small ways. For this, we at Artelexia applaud and celebrate you with all our hearts!


Who is someone who inspires you to be creative and show up for your community? Share with us in the comments below.



Do you know someone special who deserves to be recognized? Tell us all about them in our You Are Radiant Award Nomination Form so we can learn their stories and celebrate them as well.

Each month, we will pick one of these generous individuals from your submissions and feature them in our newsletter and blog. They will also receive a gift basket of our favorite Artelexia goodies as a small thank you for their valuable contributions.


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